Garden Design

It is common for our projects to have been previously designed, whether by us or by our network of brilliant, creative, local garden designers who we have built up a great working relationship with. With garden designing services from Blue Fern Landscapes, we help you to enhance your garden.

Design is a format to translate ideas for the improvement of an environment or an object and forms the bridge between concept and installation. Although not always needed in the medium of the garden, an overall plan or concept for the space is a great advantage even if not all stages of the design are implemented in one go.

Often the initial consultation is free and this is used to establish what you want from your space, with advice on how best to utilise space in relation to your existing property. Regular visits maybe needed to help refine the plan. We can provide garden designing services in Berkshire for any home taking into account the architecture of your property and your taste in style – we provide designs tailored to you.

For creative garden design, or to discuss what can be done with your space in the Reading, Caversham, Wokingham or Pangbourne areas, simply contact us today.